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Sunset at Lido Key (thumbnail) Optical Illusion (thumbnail) Colorful dahlia with black background (thumbnail) The striations in the water and sky make a wonderful backdrop for the bird in flight (thumbnail) Like Icarus we are attracted by the warmth and light of the sun, but we must not venture too close or we might get our wings singed. (thumbnail) Sometimes we feel as conflicted as the weather: bright skies and rain clouds simultaneously appearing on the horizon. (thumbnail) Ice Queen (thumbnail) Brown Pelican in a Sea of Color (thumbnail) Dancing in the Wind (thumbnail) One of a Kind (thumbnail) Snow Birds in their Florida Condo (thumbnail) Threatening Sunset (thumbnail) The Long Stretch (thumbnail) Butterfly (thumbnail) Cascade of Flowers (thumbnail) Sunset and Clouds (thumbnail) Rose Bouquet (thumbnail) Orchid (thumbnail) Birds Do It... (thumbnail) Pink Reflections (thumbnail) Gull in Fall Reflections (thumbnail) Patiently  Waiting (thumbnail) The Big Wave (thumbnail) Strange Light (thumbnail) Glorious Autumn (thumbnail) Pink Flamingo (thumbnail) Whirlpool (thumbnail) Green Heron (thumbnail) Reflections (thumbnail)
Sunset at Lido Key (large view)
Sunset at Lido Key
Seascape photography

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